White Wine Like No Other

As the snow continues to fly here in Vermont, white wines that speak of spring and summer are still a couple of months out from hitting the radar. But there are whites that pair beautifully with the winter season, perfect with a roasted chicken or slow cooked pork loin, served at cellar temperature (55 degrees) rather than chilled to an icy cold. A gorgeous wine from Italy’s region of Campania, south of Tuscany, fits the bill to a “T”. This off-the-beaten-path wine from ancient grapes, famous for producing the best wines of the Roman Empire, provide a nice change of pace just as cabin fever begins to set in.

Terredora di Paolo Greco di Tufo 2009, $23.99 (on deal for $19.99 at FWC)
The grape, Greco di Tufo, produces a wine of rich texture like Chardonnay. Unlike most Cali Chardonnay, however, there is no oak used. The full texture and rich, minerally spice is a product of the soil in which these grapes are grown. Combined with bright, vibrant citrus and orchard fruit, the wine is quite an explosive mouth full of flavors and texture. Greco accompanies lighter roasted meats and vegetables impeccably. Thanks to its rich texture this wine tends to appeal to oaked Chardonnay fans, while its crisp nature certainly appeals to those who typically shy away from oaky Chardonnay. In other words, its appeal is broad and the wine has been incredibly well received by those looking to taste outside the box.

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