Trentino Alto Adige day 1

As I sit at Maso Poli in Lavis, within Italy’s Trentino area, it is difficult to focus on the vines. The beginning of the dolomites (the Italian Alps) rise sharply from the valley floor, leaving little room for prime vineyard site in the foothills. These mountains surround and dominate the landscape. Maso Poli purchased land on the slopes in 1978 and has been producing elegantly styled wines from Pinot Nero, Pinot Grigio, Teraldigo and Lagrein (among others) ever since. Just as the dolomites are set firmly in place, Maso Poli stands firmly set in its ways, choosing to create wines true to te region, with subtle grace and elegance. Even when they created a new wine for their line in the early 2000s that would be their higher end flagship, they chose to produce it from indigenous varieties, Teraldigo and Lagrein instead of going international with a Bordeaux style. The wines too at Maso Poli are like the family that owns it – open and friendly with layer upon layer of personality. True to the land beyond all else. I look forward to tasting through the wines tomorrow.


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