Shebang! The Name Says It All

Bedrock Sherman and Hooker’s Shebang! Red, Fourth Cuvee
Price: $12.99
When I say winemaker Morgan Twain Peterson is a freak of nature, I really do mean it as a compliment. He made his first wine at the age of 5. He is incredibly intelligent, a gifted winemaker and is ferociously passionate about anything to do with wines, vines and soils. Yet somehow, among all his talents, Morgan manages to stay humble, obviously just one heck of a nice guy who is excited about what he does and is happy to share that excitement with others. His one “entry level” red wine could be viewed as his wine to share with all. At $12.99 it is affordable to most and its full, lush, soft fruit is a crowd-pleaser. Sherman and Hooker’s Shebang! Fourth Cuvee Red is a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and other “mixed blacks” as he calls the other grapes thrown into the mix. Fresh fruit bursts from the glass, and on the palate, with a soft silky texture. The wine carries zingy acidity which keeps it light on its feet through all its depth of fruit and peppery spice. You couldn’t ask for a better value from a nicer guy.

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