Noble Italian, Peasant Price (comparatively!)

Italy is rich with noble grape varietals. It’s northwest region of Piemonte has Barolo and Barbaresco (produced from 100% Nebbiolo). Toscana has Brunello di Montalcino (100% Sangiovese Grosso). It is typical to spend anywhere $50 t0 $100 + on these bottles without so much as a blink of the eye. Then there is the noble wine of Italy’s south, Taurasi, from the region of Campania. One of the noble off-the-beaten-path wines anyway. While the region and its grapes do not garner the world renown status of others, what it brings to the table can be equally impressive. Having just tasted the 2005 Taurasi from Terredora di Paolo, I am impressed. Silky, rich fruit has settled in and walks in stride with signature rusty earth and bramble and toast. There is both power and elegance here and one can’t help but wonder, “what the heck is this doing at $25 a bottle? Yes, half the starting price of other noble wines. Barolo fans, Brunello fans, even Cabernet/Bordeaux fans take note. This is a wine to be enjoyed with the best of the nobles and the bucks left to go back for another bottle.

2005 Terredora di Paolo
Taurasi Fatica Contadina


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